Welcome to Grace BRidge CHapel!

Service Time: 10:30AM at 300 Mission Dr, Camarillo CA

A vibrant and inclusive community that warmly welcomes individuals from all walks of life. While rooted in the Japanese American heritage, our church family embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of different cultures and backgrounds. We find strength in our shared faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His love, as we journey together towards spiritual growth, fellowship, and serving others. Whether you have Japanese roots or not, you’ll find a place of belonging and acceptance here. Come join us as we learn, worship, and build meaningful connections with one another, united by our shared commitment to Christ’s teachings.

Upcoming Events

Church members socializing and enjoying their annual picnic.
A group of church members preparing for a three-legged race.
Three-legged race in action!

Our church comes together in worship, uniting as one body. However, to cater to our diverse congregation, we have two pastors who deliver separate messages—one in English and the other in Japanese. This allows us to provide meaningful spiritual guidance and teaching in both languages, ensuring that everyone can fully engage and grow in their faith.

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Easter Sunday – March 31, 2024
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Ventura County Asian American Bar Association – February 24, 2024
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At our church, we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our congregation. We offer a range of services and special events to cater to various age groups and interests. For the elderly, we provide a service called Genki Living, which focuses on promoting active and vibrant lifestyles for seniors. Additionally, we organize a variety of retreats that cater to all age groups, including kids, middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, adults, parents, and the elderly. These retreats serve as valuable opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and building connections within the church community. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone can find meaningful engagement and support.

There are no upcoming Events at this time.

Our church offers a nonprofit program, Genki Living, serving senior citizens in the local community. It refers to a concept that promotes an active and fulfilling lifestyle for the elderly, emphasizing on maintaining physical, mental, and social well-being to enhance the overall quality of life in older adults. Genki Living encourages regular exercise, social engagement, cognitive stimulation, and healthy nutrition. By incorporating these elements into their daily routines, seniors can experience improved vitality, independence, and happiness as they age. It’s an approach that recognizes the importance of holistic well-being for the elderly population.

Our church offers a dynamic youth group specifically designed for students in middle school to high school. This group provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the Bible, exploring its more challenging and intense aspects. Through engaging discussions, thought-provoking teachings, and interactive activities, our youth group aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the scriptures. It’s a space where young minds can grow, ask questions, and develop a strong foundation in their faith.

Our Sunday School program is tailored for children from 1st to 5th grade, providing an engaging and educational experience. Our dedicated teachers guide the kids through fundamental aspects of the Bible, laying a solid foundation for their spiritual journey. In addition to teaching basic biblical concepts, we incorporate interactive arts and crafts, as well as exciting games, to capture their attention and make learning enjoyable. We believe in creating a fun and interactive environment where children can explore their faith, ask questions, and develop a lifelong love for God’s Word.